Over the last year, I have thought about starting a website. Now that I have done so, in all honesty, I am not really sure what I want to accomplish with this site. As a therapist, I recognize the importance of setting goals. One way to increase the probability of achieving your goals is to make them public. With few things being more public than the internet, I thought I would post them on the front page of my new site.I am generally a private person. Most of the time, I am constantly setting my own goals, working towards them, and evaluating the outcomes. I suspect not telling anyone about my goals is motivated by a fear of failure and disaster – if I fail and no one hears about it, then no need to be embarrassed or disappointed. Dark automatic thoughts make it easier to stay the stuck in this pattern – You’ll look like an idiot, you’re going to mess it up, tell them after when you have succeeded.

While being private about goals doesn’t seem to cause me a lot of distress or impairment, this expecting failure/disaster has manifested in another more harmful way (as they often do). For a long time, I generally avoided making plans too far in the future, because I always suspected something bad would happen. Not making plans then became a way of avoiding disappointment. However, over time I started to become aware of this habit of avoidance. The people in my life would get frustrated with me because I would avoid making commitments. As I became more aware, I had more choice. I could choose to continue with my pattern of avoidance, or I could choose to do something different. This is me choosing to think something different – if the goal/plan doesn’t work out, so what? I’ll adapt.

The overarching goal of this website is to help people. As a therapist, I work every day to put myself out of a job. I want my clients to go into the future with the skills and insight to never need me again. My hope is this website will help me with this goal. I’ll seek out resources from around the world and post them on this page, I’ll add posts about important and interesting topics related to health and wellness, I’ll add self-help worksheets, and I’ll interview interesting and thought provoking people. I would normally encourage my clients to make goals as specific as possible and create a timeline. However, since this is my first time doing any of this, there are too many unknown variables at play. On the other hand, I’m not going to let myself off too easily. Therefore, I’ll aim to have at least somewhat met each of these goals within the next 6 months.


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