People that know me, know I love podcasts because I talk an excessive amount about them. In my opinion, podcasts provide free entertainment in a way like no other medium. The podcasts listed below are some of my favorites about health and wellbeing.

Emotions by Invisibilia

It feels like emotions just come at us, and there is nothing we can do. But we might have it backwards. We look at an unusual legal case and examine a provocative new theory about emotions.

Podcasts by the Beck institute

This page has a variety of different podcasts detailing cognitive therapy for a variety of different wellness concerns.

Preventing Crime for Pennies on the Dollar by Freakonomics

Conventional crime-prevention programs tend to be expensive, onerous, and ineffective. Could something as simple (and cheap) as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) do the trick? That’s the question we try to answer in this episode.

Why Is My Life So Hard? By Freakonomics

Gratitude is great for us, as suggested by a multitude of different studies. So if gratitude is so good for us, why are we so bad at it? This is the primary question explored in this podcast.

Skimping On Sleep Can Stress Body And Brain by NPR

Sleep can reduce our ability to tolerate stress and stress can interfere with our ability to sleep deeply. Many people get stuck in this vicious cycle of stress and sleep problems.

Burnout by Planet Money

A significant problem in our modern society. This great podcast details the causes and effects of burnout.

How to be more productive by Freakonomics

This podcast explores the work of Charles Duhigg about improving productivity. All of our time and energy is finite, so we might as well use that time and energy to its fullest extent.

How to become great at just about anything by Freakonomics

I suspect most of us have dreamt of truly becoming great at something. The work of Swiss researcher Anders Ericsson suggests we all may possess the ability to have great talent, and the best way to improve is deliberate practice. Furthermore, the brilliant people at Freakonomics also talk to Malcom Gladwell about his book Outliers.

The secret history of thoughts by the National Public News (NPR)

This podcast does an amazing job of exploring the amazing influence thoughts have on our lives. My only critique is the therapist using exposure therapy to treat OCD is actually a cognitive-behavioral therapist.

 The Problem with the Solution by Invisibilia

This episode explores one Belgian town’s amazing approach to caring for those with mental illness. If you have ever questioned our “solution” to mental illness, this episode is for you.