Self-Help Resources

Great Books!

Mind over mood

by Greenberger and Padesky

The feeling good handbook

by Dr. David Burns

The 5 love languages

by Gary chapman

Man’s search for meaning

by Viktor Frankl

Ten days to self-esteem

by Dr. David Burns

Trauma and recovery

by Judith Herman

Stop Walking on eggshells

by Mason Kreger


Workbook: Making Changes

Here is a workbook you can use to improve self-care, make changes to you behaviors, and improve your thinking habits.

Workbook: Anxiety

This workbook will teach you about anxiety, skills you can use to manage anxiety, and steps you can take to reduce anxiety over time.

Behavioral Activation

Behavioral Activation (BA) is a strategy for combatting depression that has over 40 years of research supporting it. Research suggests changing behaviors can change thoughts and beliefs. BA has since been integrated into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Cognitive Distortions

This is a list of common cognitive distortions (AKA unhelpful thinking styles) that are associated with distress. By learning these thinking styles you can build your awareness of which thoughts are usually helpful or unhelpful.

Fundamental Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is just a little form I created to explain the basics of CBT.

Cognitive restructuring techniques

Here is a list of 15 exercises you can use to change distorted thinking.